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Oil press machine
1.well quality ,2.easy going,3.highly activeNew type ofoil press (vacuum filtering or pressure filtering)1. low-temperature-press (LP), high-temperature-press. 2. external processing, using rape seed, peanut,sunflower,soybean,benne and other oil-bearing crops as raw materials. 3. one can run a small oil factory with our refining equipment. 4. one can sell it while pressing at the market. Technical Parameters of Oil Press ModelsNo.QJ-AO-60No.QJ-AO-80No.QJ-...       more>>
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ZHENGZHOU MEGAPLANT IMP.&EXP.CO.,LTD. has won her reputation through the years experience in designing and innovating to cate the client°Įs demand. The characteristic of manchinery is the change demand in application and the raising demand in saving energy. We have paid lot attention in the client°Įs need and demand, and we have built up a chain of receiving the client°Įs demand and developing new version of our machinery. Equipped with perfect employees, we are developing international machinery market, and will serve the international clients, and will participate the international production chain. We have severed in this line for tens years mainly in domestic market. With the advanced technology, accurate market analysis and reliable service, we have won the appraise and trust from client in the machinery business. Years experiences in this business help us understand the technical aspect of machinery business more, Besides our own production, we act as agent of several factories, so we can provide agriculture machinery, coal machinery, construction machinery, food machine, m, Textile recycling, wood machinery, incense making machine, crane,.Along with the rich experiences, qu......
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